Dealing With Fearful Dogs

dealing with a fearful dog

"There is a very specific reason your dog is timid. You need to help her if you want her to live a happy and healthy life"

Here are the facts:

People tend to completely misunderstand their fearful dogs. In trying to make things better for him, they end up making things worse. Don’t make this mistake.

The thing that fearful dogs are lacking is a strong pack leader. Your dog deserves to live the life you want for him; fun, free and happy.

The following will teach you exactly how to accomplish that.

See, the thing is, dogs actually get scared because their owners are constantly giving them the message that they (their dogs) are supposed to be the pack leader. This is a major mistake. Certain dogs may not be able to handle the pressure of pack leadership status, and they certainly shouldn’t be expected to.

Here’s a scenario for you to chew on.

If you’re really young, and you are out in the woods at night with your sister, and there is a strange noise off in the distance, or even worse, a strange person approaching you, then you are very likely to be afraid. But, if your parents were with you, you would probably be OK, and not nearly as afraid.

Makes sense, right?

This is the scenario your dog faces when you force them into pack leadership status, and that’s not what they really want, or aren’t yet ready for it. All they want to do in a situation like the above when they are an unready ‘pack leader’ is to run and hide, and just to get home safely.

By giving your dog pack leadership status, all of the responsibility is forced onto your dogs shoulders, and he isn’t able to handle that in the human world. There are simply far too many strange things, and strange occurrences to have to make correct decisions all of the time. Eventually, they are going to snap – unless, of course, you help them.

That’s exactly what we are going to do!

In order to help your dog, the first thing that you must do is to assume pack leadership status on your own. The best way to do that is by watching video on the correct steps, instead of simply reading about it.

There are some subtleties that don’t translate very well with the written word.

In order to get started in the right way, here are a few basic things that you need to know when working with your frightened dog:

Your dog can change, but if you push him too quickly, he will struggle.

You have to be the pack leader and commit to it. There are some fantastic sites out there that show you the importance aspects, as well as the subtleties, of becoming a strong pack leader – a leader that your dog can and will forever more, look up to.

Here are some further guidelines…

Ask your friends to ignore your dog when they first meet her. People should never approach your dog. What they should do instead is to wait until she calms down, and then call her over. If she doesn’t obey the command, she is too scared, and you have to leave her alone then, and take proactive steps to correct this fear later as we are discussing now.

A good video-based website will show you exactly how to put all of this into place. Through video, you can just site back, relax, watch and learn how to do things correctly.

You are playing a massive role in the development of your dogs life, and of her happiness. Don’t take this lightly.

Establishing yourself as a strong pack leader is the foundation to any success with fearful dogs. Until you fully recognize that, and take action steps to establish pack leadership, you will never truly be in a position to be able to ready help your dog.

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