How To Gain Pack Leadership Status

How to gain pack leadership status

Become The Unquestioned 'Pack Leader'

"Becoming a leader is all about your dog showing you respect and a willingness to take orders..."

If you’re struggling to get your dogs attention when you need it most, and seemingly fighting him tooth and nail every time you make an important demand of him it’s a simple case of the fact your dog doesn’t view you as the leader of the pack

You need to convince your dog that you are the person in charge – and that what you say goes at all times. The pack leader is the decision maker, and if your dog doesn’t view you as the decision maker of the household, he will get his behavioral cues from elsewhere.

What does this mean? He is going to pay you little attention when you demand it most!

The pack leader is important because it is the leader who determines how and where to walk, how to behave in different situations and how to respond to life events. The pack leader is the one in charge. Period.

After you understand the importance of the Pack Leader, you need to understand a little bit about the mentality of your dog. To him, the size of your house, the kind of car you drive and how much money you earn mean absolutely nothing to him.

The fact that you can currently get your dog to ‘sit’ before eating doesn’t mean you are the pack leader yet… don’t be fooled!

The way to pack ledership isn’t through domination of your dog. As a matter of fact, this often backfires if you teach your dog that physical strength is all that matters.

Makes sense?

What then, is the very best way to establish pack leadership?

All dogs – every breed in the world – use the exact same method to check and to establish who is the pack leader.

The pack leader remains in calm and in control when your dog barks and senses danger in and around your property.

The pack leader knows how to ‘walk’ his pack. Your dog should never be pulling at the leash when you walk him – ever.

If you are a proper pack leader, your dog should be able to relax at all times inside your house. If your dog is always on high alert status inside your house, it’s your dog that is showing who is pack leader.

Getting your dog to ‘switch off’, and affirm your leadership status, is directly connected to how you greet him when you come home. Do this wrong, and your dog will forever consider himself to be the pack leader.

There is good news though. This simple ‘leadership establishment’ trick can be easily learned, and mastered, once you know how to do it. You must watch it on video, because its so subtle and minute, that doing it incorrectly is the difference between establishing yourself as a leader, or as a follower.You also need to learn how to feed your dog correctly, as doing so will strongly affirm your leadership status.

There is one site that shows you – step by step through the magic of video – how to quickly and easily establish yourself as the pack leader. This status is crucial to changing any negative behavioral issues you may be experienceing with your dog.

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