How Much Does a Professional Dog Trainer Cost?

Professional Dog Training

How Much Are Professional Dog Trainers?

"Professional Dog Training Services Can Be The Start of Forging a Stronger Lifelong Bond Between You, Your Family and Your Dog."

Raising and training your dog is meant to be a collaborative effort for your entire family – not just something you can easily a and quickly ‘hire out’.

Professional dog training (also often times called obedience training) can and will help with a number of common behavioral issues, but it will be up to you and your family to make sure that the lessons your dog has taken away from his professional training ‘stick’ once he is back at home.

The cost of training your dog can vary greatly depending on a number of factors:

  • The obedience issue that needs to be corrected
  • The severity of that issue
  • The amount of time that it takes to train your dog and correct the bad behavior
  • The difficulty of training your particular dog
  • The temperment of your dog
  • Possible medical or physiological issues (to be determined by a vet)

1.  If you don’t have a very specific behavorial problem you are trying to address, it might be a good idea to opt for group coaching lessons. Group coaching can handle general obedience issues your dog may be having. Group coaching lessons can be found in the range of $150-$200 for a 6 week course which is 6 sessions, once per week.

2.  For dealing with very specific behavorial issues, in a one-on-one environment, you can check the International Association of Animal Behvioral Consultant website to find a behaviorist and prices relevant to your local area. Their website is here:

3.  One-on-one quality work with a Behaviorist for obedience issues usually range from $150 to $250 per session. Each session can last up to 2 hours. Most obedience problems can be dealt with in 2-3 session, but for very bad cases, it could take an entire week to fix the problem.

4.  You can check your yellow pages for dog trainers that offer a Free in-house evaluation. They will be able to help you determine the exact cost and duration of sessions, as well as see if your dog will be a good fit for their training sessions.


The 3 main types of training to consider are:

  • Basic training (come, site down, stay & Basic house breaking)
  • Obedience training for specific behavorial problems
  • Companion training (following commands off-leash)


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