Tips on Stopping Food Aggression in Dogs

Stopping food aggression in dogs

"Resource Guarding is a common problem that many dog owners face"

What are the causes of food aggression in dogs and what can we do to stop it from happening?

The very nature of the canine mind is to hunt and protect what they have hunted. In a pack, the dog who gets the most “wins”. They grow bigger and stronger.

It makes sense that your pet may show some sort of defensive posturing when he feels his food is in danger!  

While it isn’t necessarily unusual, if left unchecked, food aggression can certainly lead to a serious issue.

Food Aggression in Dogs - The Basics

Before we go any further, let’s make sure we know what food aggression is.  

If a dog becomes very defensive when eating and uses threats to force others away, you can safely bet you’re dealing with a case of food aggression.  

Most people assume that a dog that is protective of his food is asserting dominance. This is true in some cases, but not all.   Food aggression in dogs may also stem from a feeling of anxiety or fearfulness.  

There are some physical signs to watch out for when your dog is eating:

So, now that we have identified what you’re dealing with, we can move on to what to do about it!

Fixing Food Aggression

Food Aggression Toward Other Dogs

If your dog is showing aggression towards other dogs when it is feeding time, the situation needs to be dealt with immediately.  If the aggressive dog is likely to injure another dog, it is best to separate them while dealing with the problem.

The aggressive dog may be trying to assert it’s dominance – in other words, trying be the alpha.  Or it may be that the dog is anxious or scared rather than being dominant.  It is important to distinguish between these two traits.

Separating a food aggressive dog from the rest of it’s pack should only be done when it is necessary to physically protect other animals or people.  By giving in to the aggressive dog, you are allowing the bad behavior to continue and allowing him to ‘win’. Deal with the issue immediately using the tips in this article, or if needed, seek the assistance of a professional online dog trainer. You may be surprised how simple and inexpensive it can be to solve food aggression in puppies as well as full grown dogs.

Some Considerations

If your dog seems stressed or refuses food at any point in these interventions, seek the help of a professional.

This also goes for any time in the process that your dog stops making progress.  

It is also important that you never yell, hit, or physically restrain your pet when they display aggression-it will only make things worse!

If your dog is showing defensiveness around food, don’t allow children to participate in or be in the vicinity of the dog as you work through these training measures.

Safety First!

Be Patient and Be Consistent

With some patience and consistency, you can turn your dog’s defensive behavior around.  

A dog who is allowed to guard his food can eventually turn into a dog who is aggressive about anything he sees as “his”!  

This can extend beyond food and toys to even guarding his people.  

Your dog can be your best friend-you want him to be as happy, healthy, and secure as he can be!

He’d do the same for you!


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