Dog Training

Stopping food aggression in dogs

Tips on Stopping Food Aggression in Dogs

Stopping food aggression in dogs can be a difficult but necessary change in your dogs behavior. Understanding the root cause of its aggression is key to eliminating this problem. Learn how to….
Training an older dog

Is It Possible To Train an Older Dog?

Can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Wrong! Read how you can train an older dog with simple, fast and effective tips from expert dog obedience trainers. It’s easier than you think.
dealing with a fearful dog

Dealing With Fearful Dogs

“There is a very specific reason your dog is timid. You need to help her if you want her to live a happy and healthy life” Here are the facts: People tend to completely misunderstand their fearful dogs. In trying to make things better for him, they end up making things worse. Don’t make this …

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